About Douglas

Douglas is also a historic town, with years of diamond digging and missionaries to thank for some of its quaint little houses. Interestingly, it has a series of glacial pavements that date back 290 million years and many rock engravings made from stone tools (Glacial pavements, or ancient glacier rock formations, form when rocks become embedded in slowly moving ice sheets (glaciers).

Over a period of time, they polish and scour the earth beneath them, leaving visible scratch marks behind.) You will need permission from the McGregor Museum in Kimberley to see these. Kimberley is only 100 kilometres away, making Douglas an obvious stopover en route to view the Big Hole and other nearby tourist attractions.



      In and around Douglas

      There are many activities and places of interest in and around Douglas, with Kimberley only 100 km away on the way to Upington and Kalahari Gemsbok Park. Established in 1968, the Douglas Wine Cellar Landzicht Wines – (www.landzicht.co.za) is one of the oldest cellars north of the Orange River and produces various wines. A trip to the Northern Cape would be incomplete without including a visit to the Big Hole  (www.thebighole.co.za) in Kimberley. An entirely man-made structure, the Big Hole is the largest hand-dug excavation in the world.

      The world-renowned McGregor Museum (www.museumsnc.co.za) in Kimberley affords visitors a fascinating glimpse into the bygone days of the diamond rush. It has made important contributions to the ecological and historical knowledge of the Northern Cape. Mokala SANpark (www.sanparks.org/parks/mokala) is situated 100km from Douglas and is worth visiting.

      Confluence – just outside Douglas, you’ll find the spot where the mighty Orange and Vaal Rivers meet.

      Felidae Centre  (www.felidaecentre.co.za/safaris) is a wildlife reserve conserving African wild cats and predators in their natural habitat and is in the Free State province, just a short distance from Kimberley.